About Us!

vegas-home-electrical-repairsWe know how hard it is to find the best residential services for your family when you live in and around Las Vegas, Henderson, or Boulder City, Nevada. When you live in an area dedicated to tourism, the residents of that area can get the short end of the stick.

Houston Electric was founded to give our local area residents the most convenient and affordable home electrical services possible. By servicing more homes with a wider range of electrical needs, we’ve been bringing better electrical work to more homeowners than anyone else.

The housing industry in our area has seen a lot of work and growth over the past few years, but unfortunately, not all home builders used quality electrical contractors for new home construction or home renovations. That’s why we’ve been hard at work helping homes and families have safer electrical home systems that will last them several years to come.

Unlike other electrical contractors, our focus is on ensuring your home’s wiring, fixtures, and appliances work the way they were meant to. If you’ve experienced flickering lights, humming or buzzing, or can’t seem to switch out your ceiling fans, we’re the convenient choice for your home. With more experience handling a wider variety of home services, we’ve become the most trusted name in local electrical needs.

In addition to having better technicians, tools, and equipment, we also delivery with round the clock, 24-7 electrical emergency services for your family. From downed power lines, exposed wires, storm damaged exterior fixtures and more; we’ll take care of whatever is posing a risk to your home anytime, day or night.

While many electrical contractors would prefer to focus on the more expensive tasks, we prefer to do what’s in your best interest each time. By not charging premium pricing for even the most basic of electrical needs, we can keep the focus on your home’s lighting and electrical services.

Improper wiring is one of the top contributing factors leading to home fires. Even when you can’t see faulty wiring, it remains a top danger to more houses. That’s why we offer comprehensive inspections to ensure that your home and family remain safe, even from hidden dangers from within your walls. When you need to make certain that your home remains safe, just call us.
Other electrical services would rather concentrate on commercial properties found in and around the Las Vegas Strip, making it even harder to find someone reliable for your home. But one company that you can always trust is our team. By focusing on remaining the premier choice for Nevada residential homes, we’ll go further than anyone else will keep your home’s electrical running smooth.

With better service quality, fast and convenient service, and the best pricing around, your family is in good hands with our team anytime you call. There’s a reason why we’re the most trusted name in residential electrical work, and we want you to experience the quality you deserve as well.