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When Do You Need A Permit?

Electrical improvements a permit is required to:

  1.  Install or alter any permanent wiring or electrical device
  2. Run additional wiring to put in an electrical outlet or light fixture
  3. Change out, upgrade, or relocate the existing main electrical panel
  4. Install a photovoltaic system.

Why Do You Need A Permit?

Per the city of Las Vegas:

Your home is typically the largest personal financial investment you will make. Building permits and inspections help you to protect that investment by providing a reasonable assurance that a home is safe from structural failure, fire hazards, electrical hazards, and health risks.

  1. Permits provide a permanent record of the work performed and inspections conducted on the home for insurance needs, resale value, and general knowledge of the history of the home. If you improve or add-on to your home without permits and it fails, your insurance company may not help you with the liability.
  2. Permits and inspections help to assure a level of work that is “code compliant” on your home resulting in a confidence level of safety and lasting construction avoiding big problems in the future during the life of your home.
  3. Work performed without permits can become frustrating and extremely costly, and in some cases even deadly.

Work that has been completed without a permit and discovered at a later date can require an engineering evaluation and report, possible destructive testing, removal of wall coverings, and replacement plumbing, electrical or other various elements of the un-permitted construction at great cost and irritation to the homeowner or subsequent homeowner.

There are documented cases of occupant deaths in fires involving un-permitted projects such as garage conversions because codes were not complied with and required proper ventilation and emergency egress were not provided.

Simply put, protect yourself, your family and your investment in your home by obtaining permits and inspections on home improvements, additions, and/or any other work requiring a permit.