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What sets our team at Houston Electric apart from other local residential electrical technicians is the convenience, price, and amount of services we provide to our customers. Whether you live in Las Vegas, Boulder City, or Henderson, Nevada, we are available for your home twenty-four hours a day.

By offering a wider service area to include all three communities, quality, and affordable home, electrical services is just a phone call away. No matter what your home needs, it’s easier than ever to have them taken care of once and for all. We have solutions for any project and budget to give you the best results possible.

From home rewiring to fixture installations, our team does it all. Call us when you need:

  • Pool and Spa Electrical Services
  • Home Theater System Wiring
  • Ceiling Fan and Light Fixture Installations
  • Electrical Troubleshooting Services
  • 24-Hour Emergency Electrical Needs
  • And more!

No matter where your home is or what your needs are, our team is the best choice for you and your home each time. Call the dependable home electrical team today!

Many homeowners may be apprehensive to call a professional electrical contractor. Like with many services, there are always bad apples that aren’t qualified and charge more for lesser results. We never charge more than we have to, and we have the experience you can trust no matter what your job entails.

Our team is made up of the best local electricians we can find to give you the best results possible. By charging less and offering a better quality of service, we’re the most trusted name in local electrical services.

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When you’re ready to have the level of quality you deserve at the fairest pricing possible, just call Houston Electric today. Day or night, we’re always there for you with the best electrical services each time. From your home’s exterior to rewiring the interior, our team has the best solutions for your problems

Pool and Spa Solutions

Most homeowners think to call a professional pool care company when they have pool lighting and spa wiring needs. However, a pool company will specialize in the maintenance side of pools and spas and not necessarily the installation side. When you need to be positive that your pool and spas are wired correctly from the start, a dedicated electrical company is the best option.

Unfortunately, many electrical companies charge a fortune, even for something as simple as changing a pool light bulb. From pool lighting to hot tub repairs, our team is the best choice each time. When your hot tub jets aren’t running, or your pool lights aren’t coming on, we’ll fix them quickly without costing more than it needs to.

Home Theater Services

Chances are your home has been toying with the idea of having a home theater system installed. Whether you’re looking for surround sound speakers in your living room or an entire home movie theater installed, there’s a lot of options for your family’s entertainment needs.

From new TV installation to projectors, speakers and lighting and more, we have everything you need to make sure your audio and visual needs are taken care of and you are ready to enjoy some entertainment. You’ll be amazed at how great your favorite TV shows, movies, and music look and sound on your very own theater system.

A Simple Home Update

One of the simplest ways to update your home is with brand new ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. But no matter how simple the hardware store says that it is to install it all yourself, chances are you’ll need a professional touch to have them installed correctly.

Ceiling fans can be especially tricky. Without the right ladder, tools, and wiring know-how, it can be easy to install a new ceiling fan improperly. Rather than spend all day fighting with your fan’s wiring package, we’ll have it fixed fast, no matter where in your home you need it. Whether you’re trying to keep a bedroom or living space cool or have a new fan for your patio, we’ll make sure your fans are installed the right way.

Track lighting, and other home light fixtures can also be difficult to install. From finding styles that work with your home to making sure they’re properly wired and installed, there’s just so much to do when updating your home’s lighting systems. But for the simple and affordable choice in local home lighting, just choose our team. You’ll get faster, better service each time at a price that won’t break the bank.

An Electrician For Any Size Job

Whether you need help correcting a problem you tried solving yourself, need a home wiring inspection, or other assistance with residential electrical needs, just give us a call. We use a comprehensive checklist to inspect all of your home’s wiring and electrical components, ensuring that it’s all up to code and ready to work for longer.

From purchasing an older home to determining what new electrical fixtures to install, having our team troubleshoot your home is a great choice. Other electrical contractors will charge more for a faster, less in-depth troubleshooting service. When you need a deeper home electrical inspection that costs less, just choose us first.

Any Time of Day or Night

A lot can happen with a home’s electrical service, and when trouble happens, it usually isn’t when it’s convenient for you. No matter what time of day or even night, if you need electrical services, our team is waiting on call and ready to assist you. From burned out appliances right before dinner to thermostats shooting off sparks in the middle of the night, just call us, and we’ll be there fast. When you have the peace of mind that an electrical technician is available at all hours, you can rest easy knowing all of your electrical needs are taken care of, should the need arrive.

Most of the emergency electrical issues come from old outdated wiring, newer fixtures, and installation of appliances, and do-it-yourself projects gone wrong. No matter what you need help correcting and how big of an issue it’s become, we’re there to correct it the fast and easy way. When you have electrical issues that can’t wait, we’re there whenever you need us most.

Make Home EV Charging Easy

Having the option to charge your electric vehicle at home is important so you can be fully charged and ready to go whenever you need. There are different types of electric car charging stations. We make the installation process a snap. Call or email us to get a free quote on installation and get back on the road.

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